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The value of management consultancy

By 13 March 2019Consultancy

How to growth the value of a consultancy proposal in a market that appear as a jungle or a Babel?
A customer said, some times ago: “there are more management consultants on the market than street lamps on the streets”. It’s true. And the worldwide crisis complicated this situation because the companies work hard on budgets and resources for their activities. In a few words: a lot of consultants and limited resources.
So, which are the right steps to valorise our consultancy activity? Communication and a proper Project Risk Assessment. This because all the people like to work in a perfect way and in a perfect environment, closing the projects in less time, with no pain and troubles. But this is impossible especially if you have to manage big project in international environments. After all, the best management consultants are those people that can resolve a problem using their experience and their network. That is, at the end. But how to underline all this at the beginning, during the project prospection? With a good risk analysis, to unveil consultant experience and value and to protect the customer in its further steps.
And, at the end, to communicate all this in the right way and properly. This because the communication is extremely important in the human relationship (and consultancy is based on human relations), but more because it is in the same way important to vail the value, to appreciate and to evaluate it (like diamonds) and, of course, communicate it.


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