Business Activities

change management

Our clients do not entrust us with only projects; they require strategies, effective and efficient operations, responsibility and value creation for their companies. In this context, we operate and build our reputation: bringing the required results in a short time, taking care and supporting their teams. Sometimes our customers ask to us to designing solutions others, to work directly within the customer’s structure, sharing methodologies and best practises and supporting them in the development of the processes.

Regarding the our activities in the STRATEGY area, we give a support in:

  • Performance Definition and Analysis;
  • Positioning Analysis;
  • Analysis of Competitive Advantages;
  • Decision Support.

Regarding the our activities in OPERATION area, we support the customer in:

  • Lean processes;
  • Total Quality Management System;
  • Continuous Improvement Processes.

Under special conditions, we offer INTERIM and CHANGE MANAGEMENT activities.